Why use Python ?

Python nobody expects Spanish Inquisition or humor impaired can safely ignore the spam references ;)
Python many says : ...equal Ruby or Java..or Delphi ? What ? ...NOT Python is Python Language.

Python is language OO(Oriented Object) and also one structural language, when the project have requisites of use script, Python language has good response.
Python is an uncomplicated and robust programming language that delivers both the power compiled languages along with the ease-of-use.

I'm work with Python began in late 1999, I constructed form application cgi(common gateway interface), still don't has available python application oriented object, our good friend Mr. Guido van Rossum, work on Python began 1989, then at CWI, Amoeba Software. We're can think that Python is scalable, because if often compared to batch or Unix shell scripting languages. Simple shell scripts handle simple tasks. They grow(indefinitely) in length, but not truly in depth. There is little code-reusability and you are confined to small projects with shell scripts. In fact, even small projects may lead to large and unwieldy scripts. Not so with Python, where you can grow your code from project to project, your project can grow with one simple shell script to one control application with interface with database, user interface. Python encourages clean code design, high-level structure, and "packaging" of multiple components, all of which deliver the flexibility, consistency, and faster development time required as projects expand in breadth and scope.

Object -oriented programming (OOP) adds another dimension to structured and procedural languages where data and logic are discrete elements of programming. OOP allows for associating specific behaviors, characteristics, and/or capabilities with the data that they execute on or are representative of. The object-oriented nature of Python was party of its design from the very beginning. The Python style is elegant to software architecture and software design, also extremely portable : running BeOS, Sun Solaris, GNU-Linux, MS-Windows, IBM-AIX, Mac OS , has properties of compilation implicit and automatic, available automatic memory management, no core dumps it' s safe.

Why I want in my company use Python ? My research master degree was Corba with Python and my choice was because one programming with good interface with COM and CORBA, high levels data type and "built in" data type, reduced development time. Who use it ? Google(Core search engine software of Google), Yahoo Mail, Digital Creations - Zope, eNewspapper New York Time, People Bank of Germany.
Today use Python is very good option...

Acess : http://www.python.org/doc/essays/ppt/acm-ws/sld001.htm (Why use Python writed Guido)

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